You’re a student…

or a Graduate wanting to learn Digital Marketing, dreaming of freelancing or working from home in your T-shirts, and having the time to do things you love every day.

But all that seems a million miles away.

At the moment, you’re just getting started on what seems to be a very long journey to a successful career.

Actual Hustle about

I’m Vignesh Manickam…

Vigenesh Manickam

I know exactly what you’re going through.


Because I have been there and this blog is a result of me saying “Fudge it, let me stop whining and start doing”.

However, I didn’t know where to start or even how to start.

To be honest, It took me an awful lot of time before I figured out my career.

Like most of the students, I wasn’t sure which career path to choose. Neither did I have any exceptional skills.

It was only after a year of switching different jobs, I found what I am truly good at and passionate about.

As you may have guessed, it’s Digital Marketing.

Consequently, I started looking for ways to learn Digital Marketing online.

Meanwhile, I simultaneously started applying for entry-level Marketing and Business jobs.

Here’s what I realized:

Reading blogs about Marketing or completing online Digital Marketing courses without implementing what you have learned is absolutely useless in terms of getting a job.

Ergo, I got rejected by every single company I have applied to.

I had zero practical hands-on experience related to Digital Marketing or Business.

The classic paradox situation:

I couldn’t find a job because I had no experience; I couldn’t gain experience because I didn’t have a job.


But luckily, I found out there’s a way to earn experience in Digital Marketing without a day to day job.

And what is that?



That is to say, you can learn a lot, and I mean A LOT about Digital Marketing by running a blog.

So, here I am, doing exactly that.

I suppose you might be having second thoughts about me by now:

Is Vignesh’s content legit?

Does he really know what he’s talking about? 

Hey, hey, I realize I’m not a digital marketing ninja.

But, My content is all about what I personally have learned and found out to be working.

And Of course, I research a ton before writing a piece of content. So, you need not worry. I have a pretty good idea about what I’m putting into my blog.

Actual Hustle’s Objective:

My mission at Actual Hustle is to help you learn Blogging as I learn it myself through various actionable methods.

In addition to that, I’ll also throw some light on a few ways to start Freelancing online.

Keep Hustling.